4 Tips for Your Room Makeover

If you are wondering how to renovate an old dreary room that is filled with cob webs and dust bunnies, here are 4 tips to giving it a ‘do it yourself’ makeover in no time.

Choosing the colours

Once the room you want to give a makeover is empty and bare, prepare it for a wall painting session. When choosing colours, think of the purpose the room is going to be used for. If it is for a child, use his/her favourite colour or if it is a guest room, go for a cool tone colour like cream or peach. Don’t startle your guests with flashy hot pinks! If the room is of a smaller space, you can widen the appearance by painting it with cool tone colours instead of dark. Painting the ceiling in a white also helps widen the room’s small look. If the room has sufficient space, you can go for a darker colour.

What to do with floors

If you want to rip off the old carpeting in the room, go ahead and do it. You have a choice of hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, bamboo or maybe another new carpet. If the floor is already tiled, get them removed through a professional as you don’t want to damage the ground. Keep your nails, flooring clamp, glue gun and other tile tools prepared if you are doing some handy work yourself. Wooden flooring is classic and never goes out of style. If you cannot afford it, there are cheaper alternatives that have come up. It is only the installing process that will cost you. Tiles are probably the easiest to maintain as they don’t need the constant care that wood and carpeting do.


Once you have completed the walls and the floors, it is time to give your room a three dimensional feel by bringing in the furniture and fixtures. If you are a classic and simple person, go for wooden furniture to complete the white or light tones walls. If you like colour, go for bold red cabinets with white vases and pop art frames on the walls. If the room has limited space, use shelves instead of ground cabinets to clear up the floor and wall-built in cupboards instead of ground ones. If you have more than enough space, make use of it by using large furniture like L-shaped sofas, big coffee tables and stylish carpets. However, be sure to use the flooring clamp to tighten the seams of the floorboards if you don’t want an uneven floor arising through the carpets.

Keeping the room clean

Now that the old dreary space is new and livelier, keep it clean and maintained so as to avoid another round of renovation. Keep in mind a few principles that will keep your room clean and tidy all year round. Give the walls and floors a good colour wash and mop once in a while. Walls don’t need to be painted often, but once a year is good enough. Other tasks might include grouting the ceramic tiles, cleaning the fan/air conditioner filters and cleaning over furniture and counter tops. As dust gets accumulated, the whole room will start looking dull over time.

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