Green thumbed dreams; it’s possible everywhere!

Living in your tiny apartment, perhaps a few floors above the ground, do you ever catch yourself wishing for a garden? Not only to give your laundry a little fresh air and sunlight, or to allow you dog to have a little exercise; but also because you love gardening? The feel of the soil beneath your fingers, and the smell of the herbs and flowers in your garden cannot be compared to anything else.

But even though you live in a tiny apartment, there’s really no reason for you to give up on gardening—especially if it gives you joy. Sure, we understand that you might not get that specific feeling, and it might be a little harder than the regular way; but wouldn’t it be worth the effort?

Here are a few of our suggestions on fulfilling you gardening dream, right from your apartment.

Rooftop gardening

If you’re very, very luck, chances are that your apartment building may have a rooftop. And if you’re luckier, it’s possible that your rooftop will have a suitable environment for gardening. While it’s true that not most people will mind you helping out the environment a little; it’s still better to speak to your apartment manager, just in case. And depending on the area of the rooftop, you can opt for simple potted plant to even vines and climbers.

Window boxes or balcony garden

Another reason to consider yourself lucky, is to have a balcony for your apartment. Even the narrow balconies make charming mini gardens. And you can plant a vast amount of things, from flowers to vegetables; depending on the size of the balcony and your preference. Window boxes on the other hand, though famous for their “spilling flower look”, are perfect for growing fresh herbs for the kitchen. Really, the taste of your own herbs in your food is incomparable.

Indoor plants

If the above two is not an option for you, then consider opting for potted indoor plants. Go for those plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight, or the plants that thrive in low indoor lights. Indoor plants make pretty home decorations as well. Simply place them on a desk beside a window that brings in plenty of sunlight, and watch as your plant brightens up your home.

Hanging plants

If space is the only issue you have, then we have the solution for that too. Hanging plants have a charm of their own, especially hung on windows or near doorways (though you should be careful with that one). And as they come in a variety of things from flowers to herbs, you could have fun picking the right one that suits your home. If you have old spice racks lying around, then our experts say that they make the perfect home for plants, with just a little effort.

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