How to get rid of the shabby feeling of your home, and give it new life

The house we chose to make our home in can be special to us in many ways. Each corner of the house will hold special memories in it, and each mark and scratch in the house will have a story to tell. The familiarity alone will give you a sense of security.

But the familiarity can become a bad thing as well. Once we get familiar with our home, it makes it a little difficult to see the short comings of our home. Sure, you’ll probably notice if the house needs a little touching up, or even if there are a few leaks that need to be fixed; but noticing that it’s looking a little shabby, or that it’s looking a little outdated, might be a little harder.

Here are a few of our suggestions on how to give your home a new look, without much effort.

A new coating of paint

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to ensure that your home is looking up-to-date and far from shabby. You can get rid of the “boring” feel of your home, simply by opting for a different colored paint for your walls. We know, not everyone digs the bright or deep colors; but trust us, even one wall painted in a different color from your usual will make bring huge difference to your home.

Indoor plants

Plants have a rather charming way of brightening up a home and giving it a warm, cozy feel to it. If you (or anyone in your family) have been blessed with green thumbs, then don’t limit your talents to the garden. Let it spill over into your home as well! Potted plants or hanging plans will do rather well as affordable home decoration; especially if hung next to windows that have plenty of sunlight. Just make sure that you don’t opt for this if you have a crazy, busy life; dried up plants are definitely a no-no!

Give your furniture new life

Sofas and dining table chairs tends to get shabby after years of use. Spills and stains will definitely be one of the reason, while years of being sat on (and jumped on) wouldn’t have been good for it either.  Chucking out your furniture may not be an option if you’re living in a budge, or if you have sentimental attachments towards your furniture. Consider getting it reupholstered instead; with brighter, more modern designs.

Straighten out your bathroom

The washroom is one of those places that gets noticed most by your visitors. Even if you have a “squeaky clean” bathroom, chances are that it’s still going to look shabby. Consider buying a new mirror to replace the old, and buying new bathroom fixtures—especially if your current ones have been leaking or giving you trouble. It may feel like an unnecessary expense; but when your bathroom looks brand new, simply because you swapped your fixtures, you’ll realize it was well worth it.

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