Things to Consider When Choosing the Grass Type for Your Lawn

If you are planning on getting a new lawn installed for your home, there are several things that you would need to pay careful attention to. Some of the factors that you would need to consider above everything else are given below so that sometime down the line, you would not have to change the type of grass that you had originally picked for your lawn. Make sure that you know the answers to the below questions before you decide which type of grass you are going to use.

What Is the Look and the Feel That You Need

You first need to know what kind of feel and look you want from the lawn. You will need to choose the grass depending upon that. There are various varieties of grass, some tall, some long and crawling, some with wide leaves and some with tiny ones. Even the shade of green will be different as well.  You need to think about whether you need a grass that looks very neat and orderly all the time or whether it needs to be something that is slightly more on the rustic side with a few irregular bumps here and there. For example if you live in the area, you can also get the advice of landscapers Lindfield to help you out with choosing a type that is good for your lawn so that you know you are making the right choice.

What Characteristics Are the Most Important To You?

Next think about the characteristics of the lawn that would be the most important to you. For example think about factors such as what kind of time you are able to put in for the maintenance and whether you can spend on it regularly? If not, you are then looking for a type of grass that is easy to look after and grows slowly. If you know that there will be a lot of traffic you will be looking for a type of grass that is resilient as well. If you do not want it to dry out fast you will need to look at grass that can be drought resistant.

What Will the Lawn Be Used For

Next think about what kind of purpose the lawn will be used for regularly. Do you have little kids and pets in the house and will they be using the lawn to play around? Will you be regularly using it as well? You need to consider whether the purpose of the lawn is for entertainment, value addition to the property or for sheer aesthetic appeal.

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